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Dean A. Conner

Michael D. Conner


I am a second generation rebuilder. I learned from my father who started Conner's Repair Service, INC. in his back yard in 1964. I earned spending money through my grammar and High school years by working after school and weekends in his business. In 1970 I started College with a 8 month time out to attend Basic Training for the National Guard in 1971. I started working full time in Conner's Repair Service in 1971 and going to college part time. In 1996 I started Conner's Battery Service and we sold ACDelco Batteries with the first "ACDelco Battery Truck in Louisiana. We were very successful with this concept untill changes in ACDelco led to us going out of this concept in 2003. Today we are thriving under the banner of Conner's Repair Service, LLC. in a different location than before.
I graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Studying many subjects, I concentrated my degree in classical music. The many hours of perfecting and discipline has shaped my character. Shorty after graduating during a recession, I worked several jobs trying to find a niche. I settled into B&G Food Enterprises, LLC. as an assistant manager. After training I was in the position for about two weeks then promoted to General Manager. A year later I moved to B&G Food Diversified Concepts, LLC. where I learned how to manage much more of the company needs. B & G Food trained me how to be a professional manager. During the aftermath of hurricane Katrina and Rita, my father and I started talking about the amount of work to follow the disaster. Dean Conner helped me start my path as an entrepreneur. Being a business owner is very challenging and I love it for that. I am currently on my fourth year as owner of Conner's Repair Service, LLC.